Our Mission

Talking about mental health in the workplace remains a taboo in many parts of the world.

At By Mind Side our goal is to change that and inspire organisations, large or small, all industries, associations and unions to adopt a culture where openness is not only accepted but encouraged, and staff are supportive of each other.

We believe that Peer Support and technology together can help reduce mental health stigma, and enable early identification and prevention of mental health challenges.

Why We Care

We spend roughly one-third of our day in a work environment. Stresses, strains and anxieties are increasingly prevalent in today’s world, some of which stem from the workplace.

We believe that empathy, compassion and a vulnerability to be open in the workplace can help to decrease the stigma around mental health and create a culture of inclusion and togetherness. 

Why Peer Support?

We all face our struggles. But if your experience could help someone else wouldn’t you try to help? That’s how we feel.

With training, staff can combine their experiences with the listening and empathy skills needed to support their colleagues, recognising and referring to further support such as Employee Assistance Services when appropriate.

How Can Technology Help?

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience often locked up inside of us. We believe technology can help unlock this. Not by replacing in-person interactions but helping to create them. Creating meaningful connections based on shared experiences.

We have built our CommUNITY technology to achieve this. By providing one location for staff to connect to support, accessed via web or mobile application.

Technology gives us the opportunity to intelligently match staff with the right support and look at key data to identify where staff are struggling. Helping enable early intervention of mental health challenges and inform future initiatives, all whilst maintaining the confidentiality of staff.

Our Team

Robert Mangion

Infastructure & Development

Kanav Jamwal

Data Analyst

Aubrey Suba

Design & Development

Dan Ball


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