We care aboutconnecting people.At work and at home.

The loneliness and mental health epidemics willtake more than a couple of jabs to fight.

Our Why

Did you know that loneliness can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30% and is as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes a day?

We must make sure that an increase in working from home doesn’t equal an increase in isolation

We believe in a world of meaningful connections and workplaces where all staff are supportive of each other

We live to inspire organisations to create a culture where empathy, compassion and vulnerability are the foundations of the workplace

Our Team

Dan Ball


Robert Mangion


Kanav Jamwal

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Ajitesh Tiwari


Aubrey Suba


Let’s make a difference earlier in people's journey

For too long, mental health support in the workplace has been reactive.

Employee assistance services are great, but they are not the sole solution. It’s time we also focus on upstream support and open cultures.

When the conversation around mental health is normalised and the experience is shared, we are truly reducing stigma.

Earlier conversations lead to stronger connections and earlier identification of mental health challenges.

Show me the platform

Human connection
through humane technology

Ever thought that social media is far from social? So do we

We believe technology should create in-person connection, not replace it

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience inside each one of us

We have built our platform to help staff use their experiences to help others and feel more fulfilled in their work relationships

Our impact is to help others makes an impact

50% of profits from our platform are donated to training people experiencing mental ill-health to help them get back into fulfilling work.

Everyone deserves to feel fulfilled in their lives and some have faced adversity through no fault of their own.

People often yearn to use their life experience to support others in the community who face similar challenges. We want to help them do that.

Show me the platform

Our Advisory Board

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Kellie Meek

Emergency Services Advisor

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