1 in 5 workers experience poor mental health each year, yet 80% of those do not access treatment due to stigma and shame.

Companies that adopt Workplace Peer Support programs are better placed to reduce these statistics.

See how our Peer Support technology could help your staff feel more connected and supported.

Your Mental Health Intranet

Store all of your support resources, links and contacts in your bespoke mental health directory.

Our Workplace Peer Support technology is an online mental health platform tailored for your company. It is one location where staff can connect to support each other through shared experiences, and find all the support resources available to them. 

Smart Matching

Intelligent filtering finds the right support resources and Peers, matched to the support needs of your staff.

To Support Your Staff, Data Matters.

See insights from multiple data points whilst maintaining the anonymity of staff. Your company can see:

  • Statistics on what staff are searching for support on
  • How effective your support resources are
  • How staff interact with Peer Support and Mental Health First Aid
  • Peer Support and Mental Health First Aid workload and burnout risk
  • Trends on what certain staff demographics are struggling with
  • And much more

One Central Location For Your Employee Resource Groups

Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp are just a few of the communication platforms typically used by Employee Resource Groups. Use our technology to link to all of them, store relevant documents and links and ensure staff are empowered to support each other.

Inform Your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategy

Employee Resource Groups are valuable in ensuring the diverse voices in a workforce are all heard, and verifying that company products and services resonate with their demographic.
Our technology can help you manage your Employee Resource Groups and connect their unique insights back into the company strategy.

Have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

No problem. We work well with Employee Assistance Providers.
  • Link to your Employee Assistance Program in our directory
  • Send notifications and reminders to access Employee Assistance
  • Automate the connection between your Mental Health First Aiders and your Employee Assistance Provider

Are Your Staff Trained Mental Health First Aiders?

They may have unique insights which could help inform your mental health and wellbeing strategy.

Our easy to use technology helps Mental Health First Aiders capture de-identified information from their support interactions.

This helps inform your Employee Assistance Provider and helps your company plan future investment in mental health and wellbeing more efficiently.

Need Mental Health Training At Your Company?

We offer a number of training packages to help you create a supportive company culture for all staff.

Leadership Training

We train company leaders how to identify signs that staff are struggling and how to communicate effectively and empathetically.

Peer Support Training

We can help your company set up a Peer Support program and equip staff with the listening skills and knowledge of when and where to refer their colleagues for further support.

Mental Health First Aid

We provide Mental Health First Aid training from accredited instructors across Australia, helping staff support each other through some of the most common mental illnesses.

How Our Technology & Training Can Help Your Company

  • Increase Staff Togetherness and Productivity
  • Improve Company Culture
  • Demonstrating Care For The Workforce
  • Reduce Mental Health Stigma
  • Enable Early Intervention of Mental Health Challenges
  • Increase Use of Existing Employee Assistance Services