Workplace Peer Support Program Guide

Helping Organisations Take A Proactive Approach to Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing.

We spend roughly one-third of our day working. Therefore the workplace can have a significant influence on our mental health. Thankfully, many organisations are adopting measures to help improve staff mental health, such as hosting mental health awareness events and offering services such as Employee Assistance Programs. Yet more strategies are needed to address an underlying culture still rife with mental health stigma and shame.

Workplace Peer Support Programs present an opportunity for organisations to establish an open and supportive culture in the workplace. As an early intervention strategy they offer organisations another option to explore to reduce the cost impact that mental-ill health may have if left unaddressed until crisis point.

According to the Australian Government Productivity Commission (2019), estimates for the cost of workplace absenteeism (the inability to go to work) and presenteeism (the inability to fully function at work) due to mental ill-health range from $13 billion to $17 billion per year. 

The best remedy for this, is not a remedy at all.  It is prevention.  

Download our Workplace Peer Support Program Guide and get insight into the steps your organisation can take to create a more inclusive workforce, address challenges earlier and improve staff togetherness in the process.  

This guide outlines the steps to consider in setting up, managing and maintaining a Workplace Peer Support Program, designed for those with the below roles, or anyone who has responsibility for the care of staff in their organisation:

  • C-Level staff
  • HR Directors/Managers
  • Head of Mental Health/Wellbeing/Wellness
  • Head of People and Culture

An investment in staff mental health and wellbeing is an investment in your organisation. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that for every $1 spent on workplace mental health and wellbeing, the return on investment is $4.  Download our Guide and see how easy it is to set up a Workplace Peer Support Program, and help improve staff collaboration and productivity in your organisation.

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