Connecting employees
to care, everywhere.

Create a culture where your employees support each other, wherever they are.

Co-designed, with you front of mind.

  • We customise our platform to fit each organisation.

  • Your own secure environment.

  • Your own branding.

  • See the data and reports that matter to you.

Connection and Support,
at the click of a button

  • Our algorithm intelligently matches staff with each other based on shared experiences and interests.
  • Staff can easily find colleagues who are trained in Peer Support and Mental Health First Aid.
  • Secure, private messaging, one-on-one and in groups.

Support the staff who support others.

  • See workload statistics from Peer Support and Mental Health First Aid Officers.
  • Schedule wellbeing checks.
  • Flag when they may be at risk of burnout.
  • De-identified notes helps them keep track of their interactions.

See the data that makes a difference.

  • De-identified analysis of Peer Support and Mental Health First Aid Interactions to see trends in where staff are struggling.
  • Identify where to focus Peer Support and Mental Health First Aid training and recruitment efforts.
  • Ensure there is the right spread of trained staff across locations and demographics.
  • See crucial information on Employee Resource Groups and ensure all the diverse voices in your organisation are heard.
  • Keep all of your mental health and wellbeing support resources in our library and see how effective and utilised they are.

We work
alongside your EAP.


The average global EAP Utilisation rates, and there is still a stigma attached to using them.

Peer Support helps people feel more comfortable asking for support and navigating the options for professional advice, leading to a


increase in EAP utilisation.