Driving Togetherness

Put the brakes on driver loneliness with our CommUNITY technology, tailored for Transport Peer Support Programs.

Prevent Loneliness

Transport workers face more isolation than most professions. The loneliness and mental health challenges faced can be unique to the profession, meaning connection to and support from those who understand is vital. 

Create Connections

With our CommUNITY technology, customised for Transport Peer Support programs, each organisation can connect their drivers with the option to extend the support network by connecting to other organisations and adopt an industry-wide approach to Peer Support.

One Location to Find Support

Our Transport Peer Support technology gives drivers one location to find resources and Peers who can help them with all of their support needs.

One-Click To Receive Support

Give drivers one button to click when they need support and automatically assign the support that’s right for them.

Connecting Drivers.
Wherever They Are.

Drivers can connect with each other based on a number of parameters, including location. Giving them the support they need, when and where they need it.

Need Training?

We can train drivers in Peer Support and Mental Health First Aid, helping them develop the skills required to support their colleagues.

Augment Your Employee Assistance Program

  • Automate the connection between Peer Support and your Employee Assistance Provider whilst maintaining the confidentiality of your drivers.
  • See key data and common themes of where your drivers are struggling and make informed decisions on what will help their future mental health and wellbeing.
  • See data on how drivers are connecting to the support resources available to them, and to each other, and make suggestions to combat loneliness.

Drivers with moderate depression are twice as likely to have an accident whilst driving. We owe them the ability to connect with each other when they are not driving, so that they feel less lonely when they are.

Our CommUNITY technology, customised for Transport Peer Support programs, gives the platform for drivers to support each other. Like to know more?