Workplace Mental Health.
A Community Approach.

We represent one small piece of the big picture that is Workplace Mental Health.  There is a wonderful community of organisations and individuals working tirelessly to support the mental health of workers across many industries.  

If you value the power of lived experience and Peer Support and believe our technology could benefit you or the organisations you work with, we would love to partner with you.


Vital to Peer Support is knowing the boundaries of when Peers can be effective and when professional help is required.  Our technology helps identify those boundaries and prompts when professional help should be accessed, providing referral opportunities to Psychologists. 

Employee Assistance Providers

Our customisable technology can prompt staff when it is advisable that they contact their organisations Employee Assistance Service Provider, leading to increases in engagement rates and effectiveness.

Insurance Providers

The more preventative measures implemented, the less mental health related claims that insurance companies need to reimburse.  Refer our technology to organisations and save them and you on insurance claim costs.

Workplace Mental Health Consultants

Our technology can help show your clients where their staff are struggling and when action may be needed through training and strategy development, meaning more client engagement for you.

Mental Health First Aid Instructors

Partner with us and see the rewards in introducing our technology to help your clients manage their Mental Health First Aid program, and ensure the Mental Health First Aid staff you have trained are utilised effectively.

Technology Integrations

We are always open to integrating our Peer Support technology with other mental health and wellbeing technologies. 

When it comes to mental health, we are better together, than we are alone. The broader the services provided to staff, the more supported they are.

Would You Like To Partner With Us?

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