Our CommUNITY technology can help Emergency Services Peer Support programs run smoothly, save Peer Support Officers time in managing their workload, and ensure staff get the right help, quickly.

Get Support Fast. Give Support Fast.

  • Staff can see availability of Peer Support Officers and find the most suitable Peer for them through a number of customisable filters. 
  • Staff, Peer Support Officers and Coordinators can communicate securely, on any device, anywhere.
  • One location for Peer Support Officers to collaborate online, as well as store support resources and links useful for their Peer Support duties.
  • Peer Support Coordinators can monitor Peer Support case load, see a variety of reports on how Peer Support is being used, and common themes of where staff are struggling.

  • Peer Support Officers can manage their Peer Support cases and log vital de-identified data on their interactions.

  • One button to click to request Peer Support. One location for Peer Support Coordinators to manage Peer Support requests and assign them to the most suitable Peer.

See Reports That Matter To You

  • Streamline reporting and capture key information from Peer Support interactions whilst maintaining the confidentiality of staff.
  • Peer Support can track their workload and set reminders to follow up with the staff they are supporting.
  • Customisable data fields enables you to capture information relevant to your Peer Support program.
  • Keep a log of all closed Peer Support cases and export them to other reporting platforms at a click of a button.

Get Insights On How Support Can Be Improved

  • See statistics and trends from Peer Support cases to help inform on how you can help staff and improve your Peer Support program in the future.
  • Monitor Peer Support workload and make sure they are not at risk of burnout themselves.
  • Provide valuable insights for Employee Assistance Providers and Psychologists and streamline the communication and handover from Peer Support.

Our Peer Support technology makes the lives of Peer Support Officers a little easier and shows you how to improve the support offered to staff in the future. 

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